Our Story

 Kobus:  I first saw my love in a meditation.

I had no doubt that when I meet her, my life will forever be different.

From that moment on, my life took me from Durban to Cape Town. I knew my destiny was waiting for me there. It was not long thereafter that I met Jean.


I knew immediately she was my future wife.


From our first date at Mugg and Bean we were hooked. We were so natural together – without trying, we were comfortable in each other’s presence. We were just a natural fit – we felt like one person.

In the two years that followed, we discovered on how many levels we are compatible.

Our lives became one life. We not only matched each other perfectly in spirit, but also in private and business.


We both were searching for what I call “Across The Room Love” someone that stands out in a crowd of people- a beacon of light that shines brightly forcing me to recognize her between hundreds of people, someone that I can connect to spiritually – someone that can talk to me in spirit without words.


Finally, I have found her.


We can talk to each other through our love. I can hear her calling me, talking to me and encouraging me. I know long before she says something what she wants to say


It’s now been more than two years and we can’t imagine our lives separate from one another. We can’t handle being apart from each other for more than a day. Time spent together is always effortless hours that go past, and it feels like a second being together.


I know that if I say “I Love You” I will get an echo back.


We have a love so perfect and we are saying thank you each day for what a privilege it is to have one another at our age.


Jean, I love you perfectly for always my Angel








Jean: Sometimes things happen in our life.


At that time, you wonder if you will ever experience the good, lovable, amazing and exciting things again. I was at a stage in my life where I were busy finding myself again.

To love somebody and have a second chance again, was not in my vocabulary.


Then Kobus walked into our lives.

Very little did I know that a man with a softness in him will change my children’s and my lives? At first, I were cautious and when I realised he was a part of my everyday emotions, I were hooked and there was no turning back. Kobus’ softness and lovable nature swept me off my feet.


Bloubergstrand and Eden on the Bay will always have a special place in my heart. This is where the “we” started.

With cautiousness and a bit of suspicion on my side, he walked into my life. The sore was taken away by you my love.


For the first time I also knew what the true meaning of soul mate was.

We can be ourselves in each other’s life- no pretending. For the first time I felt total and utmost peace from within. Kobus, Your constant support and endless love for me, took me through a difficult time in my life.

You are my soulmate – my all. I want to get old with Kobus beyond a shadow of a doubt.


“Across the Room love” was one of my biggest wishes and a vision I had of the partner in my life as far as I can remember -even when I were in school.

“Across the room love” resembles to me – I will take note of that special person, even if we are surrounded by plenty of people. It also resembles I see only that person, I only have eyes for that person -the person I have a connection with- the person that completes me.


Without knowing it of each other we both believed in “Across the room love”.

You do all the above for me my angel.  You complete me and fill my life with love.

Together we decided – It is our time to be happy and to spend our remaining years together – filled with love for each other.

I am yours forever – you complete me on so many levels.

Kobus, I love you and will always be yours.